Welcome to the website of the Hill Rise Allotment Association (HRAA) based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

If you are new to St Ives and wish to take on an allotment you will need to contact the Town Council. There is usually waiting list for plots, but it is worth registering as there is always some turnover.  More information here.

Purpose of Hill Rise Allotment Association

HRAA will foster an allotment community and represent its interests with St Ives Town Council (SITC) and Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC).

Payment of HRAA Membership Fees

For the 2023/24 year, the membership fees are £7.00 for the main plot holder, £5.00 for an 'assistant' (i.e. a partner or spouse) or an 'associate' member. 

Wish to pay online (PayPal or by bank transfer)? - Click here to go to Online Payment Page

If you experience any problems with online payment please contact: info@hraa.org.uk


Wish to pay by cash or cheque ? - please complete the membership form (not online): The current version to print is here: Membership form. Directions for payment are indicated at the bottom of the form.

Thank you !

What else will you find on the HRAA web site? 

For current members and existing allotment holders, this is where you can find up to date information, news and help about all aspects of allotment holding. We hope you find this site informative, helpful and that in the long run it will contribute to ongoing efforts to improve all aspects of the management of the allotment site, for the benefit of all the allotment holders.

The Allotment Association chair is Kate Campbell, and if you want further information about HRAA, please feel fee to contact Kate on the following email address: 



So what are the benefits of being a member? 

Well one simple one is that we have a discount scheme, agreed with various local garden centres and suppliers. 

Most people will get their membership fee back after a couple of trips to one of these suppliers. In 2022/23 on average members received about £20 in discounts from an initial outlay of £7 membership.

The other benefit is bulk deliveries of soil improver - very valuable on our heavy clay soil.  We have our own bay on Plot 92 to receive deliveries, then members can collect their quota (usually around 10 barrow loads).  We try to give as much notice of deliveries as possible, but the compost soon goes.  Where there is sufficient demand, we can usually organise additional deliveries.

As well as the soil improver, we have a storage bay for horse manure.  This tends to be 'fresh' when delivered, so we allow this to rot down before making it available to members.

There is further information on details of the HRAA constitution, as well as agendas, notes and formal minutes of meetings on the 'Committee' page (click on the tab above).

Happy allotmenteering !