HRAA: Committee Information

On this page, you will find details of the committee, and agendas and minutes of meetings. Please note that in the interests of not identifying individuals publicly where there have been instances of damage to property, poor weed control, access problems etc, plot numbers have where possible been removed from the documents.

Committee Membership (2019/20)
This is your committee - please feel free to speak to any of the people named below, if you want to help organise an event, or need help. The committee plays an important role in representing allotment tenants at meetings with the council, as well as organising social events.

Colin Saunderson (Chairman)

Steve Wolff
Robin Bletsoe Associate Member (Gardening Club) Norma Head (Membership Sec.)            
Kevan Dunnicliff Gina Dunnicliff Shannon Plumb
Adrian Lewis


Membership Fees
For each tenanted plot, it is possible to have two members of the association, as detailed in the constitution. There is also the opportunity to have associate members - those who have an interest in gardening, but who may not have allotments themselves (we also have an associated Gardening Club - contact Robin Bletsoe for details). Membership fees are required to build a balance that can contribute to communal facilities (in association with public funding such as lottery grants). Subs cover other items such as: web site hosting, paying deposits for room bookings at social events, paying speakers expenses, sundry postage and stationary items to facilitate communication with members not on email etc. 

For the 2019/20 year, the membership fees are £7.00 for the main plot holder, £5.00 for a 'cultivator' (i.e. a partner or spouse) and £7.00 for an associate member.  Membership fees are discussed and agreed annually at the AGM, following the report by the Treasurer.

Membership Form
The current (2019/20) version is here: Membership form

The constitution of HRAA can be found here: Constitution for reference only

Discount Scheme
The HRAA committee have agreed a number of discounts with local garden centres and suppliers, which will be applied on presentation of your membership card at the checkout. Further details are found on the back of the membership card. As of November 2019 these are: 

Cranbrook Plants, Somersham
Earith Timber Products
Madingley Mulch, Coton
Oakington Garden Centre
Parkhall Nurseries, Somersham (live plants only)

Draft Meeting Minutes
DRAFT AGM Minutes of HRAA subject to approval at next October's AGM: