St. Ives in Bloom 2019 Results
coming soon!

St. Ives in Bloom Competition 2017

A number of plots were recently judged as part of St.Ives in Bloom, the results as follows:

Gold Award x 2
119/120 & 240/241

Silver Guilt Award x 8
230/224; 11; 83; 121; 140; 206; 229; 252

Silver Award x 9
213/243; 1; 2; 62; 94; 95; 98; 137; 204

Bronze Award x 13
6; 10; 19 ;50/51 ;90; 104; 106; 116; 127; 130; 211; 232; 234

Commended x 5
210; 24a; 144; 142; 152

Best large Plot
119 /120

Best Small Plot

Criteria for Marking
 Section A    Edibles and floral where appropriate  
 Sub division 1. Design and Maintenance of vegetable planting schemes incl. raised beds, crop plots, planters etc   MAX 20 points
   2. Overall Standard, Health, vigour and variation/range of produce  MAX 35 points
 Section B   Sustainable Development  
 Sub division 1. Management of natural Areas incl designated areas to encourage wildlife and wild flowers  MAX 5 points
  2.  Waste prevention e.g. recycling, composting, water butts, minimising water consumption  MAX 30 points

Guide to marking:  Commendation 0  -  29 points
                               Bronze           30  -  47 points
                               Silver             48  -  62 points
                               Silver Guilt    63  -  80 points
                               GOLD           81  -  90 points  

These are as set down by Anglia in Bloom and the RHS sponsors of Britain in Bloom

February 2017
You have probably heard that 40 allotments sheds in Newmarket were broken into over last weekend, and all their electrical items were stolen.
Please click on the link below for more information:

This should be a reminder to us all to lock the entrance gate behind us and to be vigilant, also to not leave anything of value in our sheds.

Should you be unlucky enough to have some uninvited guest please report any losses to the police.

September 2016
Work has begun on the HRAA communal plot, which will initially be used for delivery of soil improver, so supplies can be secured for members.
Dont forget the AGM on 26th October 2016 in the Corn Exchange. A number of committee positions are open for election including the chairman's position. Please come along and have your say.
May 2016
We attended the Amenities Meeting on 25th May to see the new Chair and Vice chair installed. We look forward to working with the new Committee to continue improvements on the allotment site.

April 2016
2nd April - Following on from our recent survey, we have provided the followed 'frequently asked questions' about Hill Rise Allotment Association and what we do. We hope this is useful to everyone.

March 2016
28th March - Committee members have recently attended three Amenities Committee meetings in the Town Hall in Jan, Feb and March, held a liaison meeting with the Council in early March and made a written submission in response the the Town Clerk's request for comments on reducing costs on the allotment site. Members will shortly received an update on the outcome of these activities by email.

February 2016
Thank you everyone for your contributions to the survey. Members (and recent non-members) will have received a full copy of the results by email. In short, everyone who responded was keen for HRAA to continue. The committee have gained lots of useful ideas to improve what we do, and how we communicate to members.

January 2016
24th January - Your committee have compiled an on-line questionnaire to ascertain member and non-members points of view. It would be really helpful if you would have a look and fill it in. The survey is in two parts. If you are short of time you can fill in Part one, only Part 2 is longer, but will give us more of an insight as to your thoughts and ideas. Please have a look by clicking on the link below, and sending in your submission ASAP. All submissions are anonymous. Thanking you in advance. Deadline for submission Sunday 7th February 2016. HRAA Survey here. If you know of anyone who requires a paper copy of the survey please let us know.

A large number of break-ins over the New Year period. Most plots have been affected. Please encourage members to contact the police. It is only by getting thefts and vandalism on the radar that we can get any help from the authorities.

December 2015
We will be preparing a questionnaire to go out in the new year to request thoughts, advice, comments, questions for HRAA and its future. Watch this space as the questionnaire will be an online version.
Please dont forget to pay your membership fees if you haven't done so yet.
Please not that following a couple of occurrences of vandalism/mischief this summer, stolen tools were been distributed randomly around the site. Your tools may have ended up on someone else's plot. If you are still missing something, please contact the secretary.

November 2015
Hopefully everyone got some soil improver. Of the 25 t delivered, it had all gone within about 24h so clearly it was popular. Email or speak to a member of the committee if there is anything else you want us to look into for bulk purchasing.