October 2017

 Wednesday 25th October 2017

 Ace Suite, St Ives Corn Exchange

7.30 pm start
The relative documents will be sent out once available.
In the meantime, perhaps you would like to be considering if you would like a position on the HRAA Committee, where you can air your views and make a difference to the running of the association.
If you would like to be considered, please make us aware.

St. Ives in Bloom Competition 2017

A number of plots were recently judged as part of St.Ives in Bloom, the results as follows:

Gold Award x 2
119/120 & 240/241

Silver Guilt Award x 8
230/224; 11; 83; 121; 140; 206; 229; 252

Silver Award x 9
213/243; 1; 2; 62; 94; 95; 98; 137; 204

Bronze Award x 13
6; 10; 19 ;50/51 ;90; 104; 106; 116; 127; 130; 211; 232; 234

Commended x 5
210; 24a; 144; 142; 152

Best large Plot
119 /120

Best Small Plot

Criteria for Marking
 Section A    Edibles and floral where appropriate  
 Sub division 1. Design and Maintenance of vegetable planting schemes incl. raised beds, crop plots, planters etc   MAX 20 points
   2. Overall Standard, Health, vigour and variation/range of produce  MAX 35 points
 Section B   Sustainable Development  
 Sub division1. Management of natural Areas incl designated areas to encourage wildlife and wild flowers  MAX 5 points
 2.  Waste prevention e.g. recycling, composting, water butts, minimising water consumption  MAX 30 points

Guide to marking:  Commendation 0  -  29 points
                               Bronze           30  -  47 points
                               Silver             48  -  62 points
                               Silver Guilt    63  -  80 points
                               GOLD           81  -  90 points  

These are as set down by Anglia in Bloom and the RHS sponsors of Britain in Bloom

February 2017
You have probably heard that 40 allotments sheds in Newmarket were broken into over last weekend, and all their electrical items were stolen.
Please click on the link below for more information:

This should be a reminder to us all to lock the entrance gate behind us and to be vigilant, also to not leave anything of value in our sheds.

Should you be unlucky enough to have some uninvited guest please report any losses to the police.

September 2016
Work has begun on the HRAA communal plot, which will initially be used for delivery of soil improver, so supplies can be secured for members.
Dont forget the AGM on 26th October 2016 in the Corn Exchange. A number of committee positions are open for election including the chairman's position. Please come along and have your say.
May 2016
We attended the Amenities Meeting on 25th May to see the new Chair and Vice chair installed. We look forward to working with the new Committee to continue improvements on the allotment site.

April 2016
2nd April - Following on from our recent survey, we have provided the followed 'frequently asked questions' about Hill Rise Allotment Association and what we do. We hope this is useful to everyone.

March 2016
28th March - Committee members have recently attended three Amenities Committee meetings in the Town Hall in Jan, Feb and March, held a liaison meeting with the Council in early March and made a written submission in response the the Town Clerk's request for comments on reducing costs on the allotment site. Members will shortly received an update on the outcome of these activities by email.

February 2016
Thank you everyone for your contributions to the survey. Members (and recent non-members) will have received a full copy of the results by email. In short, everyone who responded was keen for HRAA to continue. The committee have gained lots of useful ideas to improve what we do, and how we communicate to members.

January 2016
24th January - Your committee have compiled an on-line questionnaire to ascertain member and non-members points of view. It would be really helpful if you would have a look and fill it in. The survey is in two parts. If you are short of time you can fill in Part one, only Part 2 is longer, but will give us more of an insight as to your thoughts and ideas. Please have a look by clicking on the link below, and sending in your submission ASAP. All submissions are anonymous. Thanking you in advance. Deadline for submission Sunday 7th February 2016. HRAA Survey here. If you know of anyone who requires a paper copy of the survey please let us know.

A large number of break-ins over the New Year period. Most plots have been affected. Please encourage members to contact the police. It is only by getting thefts and vandalism on the radar that we can get any help from the authorities.

December 2015
We will be preparing a questionnaire to go out in the new year to request thoughts, advice, comments, questions for HRAA and its future. Watch this space as the questionnaire will be an online version.
Please dont forget to pay your membership fees if you haven't done so yet.
Please not that following a couple of occurrences of vandalism/mischief this summer, stolen tools were been distributed randomly around the site. Your tools may have ended up on someone else's plot. If you are still missing something, please contact the secretary.

November 2015
Hopefully everyone got some soil improver. Of the 25 t delivered, it had all gone within about 24h so clearly it was popular. Email or speak to a member of the committee if there is anything else you want us to look into for bulk purchasing.

September 2015
Another successful Produce Show, with excellent quality of entries. Thanks to the team for organising it and those who helped on the day. Please note that next year the show will be on the August bank holiday weekend, as another group has booked up the Corn Exchange for the first weekend in the month, a year ahead.

August 2015
Hi everyone, sorry it's been so long since a web site update. If you have any news, then don't hesitate to email us... Anyway here's a big reminder that the Flower and Produce Show is coming upon us fast. 5th September to be precise. Start grading your onions and washing your potatoes. See the Produce Show page for more information including link to electronic version of schedule.

July 2015
A new lock has been installed on the gate. Please keep an eye out for anyone misusing it, and if so report to the town council. 
October 2014
22nd October, 7.30pm - HRAA Annual General Meeting. Agenda for meeting here. Minutes of previous AGM on Committee page.

June 2014
11th June - Don't forget the HRAA open morning on the allotment site, this Saturday (14th) at 10am.
Donations of cakes, biscuits etc gratefully received. There will be entertainment for kids (making bee hotels) as well as plant swap and having a general natter. Could be the first time in years that we will get decent weather (fingers crossed).
7th June - Protecting your apples: Codling moth phermone trap on the allotment registered 15 moths caught in the previous week, this suggests spraying with an insecticide at egg hatch would be beneficial from about the 11th June (you can use a garlic spray if you wish to be organic). Use pesticides safely. Follow the label recommendations.

May 2014
HRAA committee members had a liaison meeting with St Ives Town Council staff and Councillors (Chair and Vice Chair of Amenities committee). All plots were reviewed and the entire site toured.

February 2014
Compost all gone! Please note that it will be difficult to get such a large delivery of PAS100 quality green waste compost again, but the HRAA Committee are keeping their ears open to look for opportunities. Please feed back if you would like more, and even if you would be prepared to contribute towards a special delivery (last time HRAA funds covered transport costs, so essentially it was free as members collected it in the car park).
January 2014
19th January - The new schedule for the 2014 Flower and Produce Show is now available to download on the Produce Show page.
Happy New Year everyone! Extremely wet weather means that there is quite a bit of flooding on the allotment site. If you have not been up yet this year, it might be worth check that nothing valuable is under standing water.
Note that there are still a couple of tonnes of compost left in the car park.
November 2013
We hope that members have benefitted from the 60 tonnes of PAS100 green waste compost which we purchased and had delivered to the site. If you are not a HRAA member, then sign up now. The links and means of paying on line are all listed in this web site.
October 2013
13th October - The AGM has now taken place. Thank you everyone who turned up. Colin Saunderson reconfirmed as chairman for 2013/14. Please look at Committee page for details of other members. Please note that it is now time to pay your subs. You can do this using our on line payment system or by bank transfer. See Home page and follow payment instructions.
9th October - The Town Council voted to proceed with the construction of a depot for the Council grounds maintenance staff, to be located at the bottom of the allotment site. Plans will include provision of a meeting/storage room for HRAA members and toilet facilities.

July 2013
19th July - Final programme for the Flower and Produce show has now been sent to the printers can also be found on line - please look at the Produce Show page. The programme is bigger and better than ever - 93 different classes, with the schedule now running to 20 pages. We would like to thanks all our sponsors this year for their fantastic contributions. Look forward to seeing you all on 31st August.
Date 6th July- Finally - a HOT Day !.... BBQ on the allotment site, 5.30pm. Bring your own food and drink, and we will have a number of disposable BBQs to cook on. 

May 2013
15th May. Preparation for the Produce Show - in conjunction with the Gardening Club we are holding a 'Come a learn how to exhibit at the Produce Show' evening. All welcome. Venue Free Church, St Ives, 7.30pm.
If you want to bring a jam, jelly, or marmalade so we can have a joint tasting and judging, please feel free. 
1st May - Note that the next HRAA newsletter is being produced now. Please get any contributions to the editor by sending stories, photos, advice etc, via one of the committeee members, or use the usual link on the web site.

April 2013
Well, it is finally warming up and dont miss our next event ! 
**Date 13th April** - HRAA open/social event to coincide with the launch of St Ives in Bloom. Venue: allotment car park. Time 11 am till sometime after lunch. 
There will be a supply of free compost to give away courtesy of SIIB. 
HRAA will provide the usual cakes and tea/coffee making facilities and soup for the social event, including the opportunity for a plant swap. 
If you want to help on the day and can bring cakes or biscuits and/or a flask of hot water for making drinks, then drop us an email via the web site. Look forward to seeing you all there. 

February 2013
New schedule for 2013 produce show on line - see Produce Show page - follow links above.

January 2013
Happy New Year to everyone. Extreme rain and snow is hampering work up on the allotments, so try not to walk on your soil as you dig it over.... but still try and get things in like garlic and shallots, while it is still cold.
Advanced warning - St Ives in Bloom will be launching their new season competition on Saturday 13th April 2013. This will be held on the allotment site and if all goes to plan, there will be free bags of compost for allotment tenants to pick up.

December 2012
Best wishes and Happy Christmas to you all from the HRAA committee. 
New schedule for 2013 Produce Show now on line - visit the Produce Show page on this web site (tab above).
Negotiations between Council and HRAA committee have been ongoing. Currently we are in discussions around improving site security (gate/fencing in entances area and native thorn hedging around remainder), a storage compound for compost/woodchips, and provision of another water butt in 2013 (sounds simple that one..... will only have taken four years if it doesn't get installed till summer 2013 !).

November 2012
It's now time to pay your membership fees. If you want to get an updated membership & discount card, then sign up now. Go to the Home page and you will find instructions and links to pay your membership fees on line.
The latest NSALG magazine is on line (Committee page). Sign up and pay your membership and then the secretary will send you the password to access it !

October 2012
15th October - Annual General Meeting.
New elections to Committee: Chairman - Colin Saunderson; Membership Secretary - Norma Head; Meeting Secretary - Sue Barton.
Congratulations to all the new Committee members. The web site will be updated in the next couple of days to reflect the new contact details.
Also confirmed at AGM - membership fees remain the same for 2012/13. If you did not come to the AGM, you can pay on line. Membership cards will be distributed once payment is received.
August 2012
10th August- Summer newsletter now on line - go to the Committee page of the web site. 
9th August - You should now be well advanced in preparing for the Produce Show on 1st September. Completed entry forms must be received by the Secretary no later than Monday 27th August 2012. Copies of the Schedule can be found on the Produce Show page of the web site.
Please note that due to the receipt of generous grants from St Ives Town Council and St Ives in Bloom, entry of exhibits into the competition is free, and visitor entry to the show is also free in 2012. 
Also note that you do not need to be a member of the Gardening Club or HRAA to enter. The show is open to all members of the public.
1st August - People found dumping builders rubble on the allotment car park were photographed and reported to HDC enforcement officers. Please note that it is illegal to dump rubbish on the allotment site. Anyone caught fly-tipping risks prosecution, and is also likely to be in breach of their tenancy agreement, and may have to relinquish their plot. Please spread the word around to members and non-members alike. Do not give the gate combination to anyone who is not an allotment tenant.

June 2012
Open Farm Sunday This Sunday, 17th June 
There may be farms which are nearer to us in St Ives, but if you want to see quality vegetables grown by a large local business, then why not go along to J B Shropshire and Sons (also known as G's) near Ely, this Sunday. 
Event Description: 10am-4pm Activities: farm tours, farm machinery, farm shop, refreshments, kids activities. Free entry. Disabled access and facilities. Sorry no dogs. Supporting East Anglian Air Ambulance. 
Farm Features: Arable, Vegetables, Environmental stewardship, Farm shop / retail 
Hainey Farm, Barway,Ely, Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire Postcode: CB7 5TZ 
For further information on the event visit the Open Farm Sunday web site. 
Social event coming up - put the date in your diary - 14th July, BBQ on site, 7pm. Bring your own food and disposable BBQ and pray for good weather !
Bank holiday weekend - two skips on site, courtesy of the Town Council. Despite the fact that everyone is ignoring this advice, please try and make use of the skips to get rid of old rubbish you have accumulated or inherited when you took your plot over, like metal, glass, old carpet... Don't use it for green waste as this can always be composted, or dried and burned.

May 2012
Social event - 20th May, Sunday from 11 am. Everyone welcome. We will provide tea, coffee sugar and soup, feel free to bring a flask of hot water to make drinks with. Location - just outside car park. Plant swap - bring any spare seedlings or transplants.
HRAA spring newsletter on line, with new caption competition !
NSALG 2nd magazine for 2012 on line - email secretary if you do not have the password.
Committee meeting Wednesday 9th May - please mail a committee member with any issues you wish to raise.
Sunday 20th May - Social event on site from 11am. Coffee, cakes (or soup for those who can join us at lunch time). Plant swap available, and welcome to gardening club members who wish to join us as well. Location: Bottom of the Allotment Site, next to notice board, just outside the car park.

February 2012
25th February - 2pm outdoor gardening event - spring pruning demonstration and advice. Contact Robin, gardening club for further information.
10th February - Good news ! Our first two new members have signed up using the new on-line system. Please encourage any new members to join up.
New NSALG magazine on line - access via Committee page. You will need a username and password to access it (members only, email us for the details if you have mislaid them).
8th February - Pruning event on Sunday 12th February with Richard and Robin. Meet at 10am at plot 50/51. Given the cold weather we may make it fairly quick ! but you will be able to look at apples (tip and spur bearers), pears, red, white and blackcurrants, gooseberries and although we don't prune them in the winter, plums.
HRAA latest newsletter on line, with another excellent caption competition here: Newsletter
Message from the gardening club: Huntingdon Garden and Leisure are holding an Orchid evening on Thursday 16 February from 6.00pm to 7.30pm in the Restaurant the evening after the next g/c meet. Anyone interested in Orchid culture this is worth attending- it's free. If you do buy anything remember to use your HRAA/Gardening Club Membership Card for discounts.

January 2012
Please note the deadline for newsletter articles is 30th January - please send contributions to secretary, John McKinnie.
21st January - Please note that new members can now pay subscriptions on line, using PayPal or bank transfer. Please follow the instructions on the home page. If you still want to pay by cheque or cash, that's fine. In which case, just print off and complete the membership form as before (form also foundon the home page).