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Forthcoming events

Please note that we do not hold specific HRAA evening events, because in practice in winter, few people want to turn out, and in summer, you will be working your plot and few people want to sit in a room listening to a speaker. However HRAA members can attend Gardening Club events for free - see below.

If there is a specific topic you wish to cover then please let a member of the Committee know.


 Wednesday 25th October 2017

 Ace Suite, St Ives Corn Exchange

7.30 pm start

2017 Gardening Club meetings (open to HRAA members)
All meetings in the Free Church, St Ives, on Wednesdays at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. For details go to the Gardening Club website here: http://sigc.weebly.com/.

Notes from previous meetings
Our meeting on March 13th 2009 was a great success, where guest speaker Selwyn Richardson talked about compost and soil management on the allotment. If you would like a copy of the notes on 'Crop nutrition - fertiliser and manure use' you can download them here: Crop nutrition